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Focused on e-commerce.


Cloud services optimised for best possible performance on Magento 2

Oddny's cloud service is fully optimised to reach best possible performance on Magento 2, and our modules and features included in our plug and play.

What you get:

  • Monitoring, alerts & support

  • Regular backups

  • Regular hardware / software updates

  • Scalable environment for traffic increase

  • Automated process for deployment



Efficient development on Magento 2 - well packaged and ready to be customised to your business

Our aim is to develop cost efficient solutions that quickly result in customer value. Simplicity is better than complexity. Instead of inventing the wheel over and over we aim for modular and reusable!

Oddny's in-house development team has extensive experience in web, e-commerce and Magento. Experience that is well suited for creative and smart solutions to cover your needs.



Reach both new and existing customers on channels like Google, Facebook and more

Marketing on channels such as Facebook and Google is absolutely essential to reach online growth. But it requires technical understanding, e-commerce tracking and the ability to analyse the data in order to optimise results to reach full potential.

With Oddny, you gain both the technical and marketing expertise in order to fully optimise channels for best results. All this under the same roof.


E-commerce tracking and at its best! Get in control of your e-commerce with data driven decisions. 

How is you online channel performing today? Is your online e-commerce business truly profitable? Important questions that few e-retailers can provide clear answers to. Finding relevant KPIs and decision making can be challenging.

Oddny has years of experience within e-commerce working with many big brands. Experience and knowledge that we bring to the table in all our collaborations. Are you in need of ecom / project management or help with a digital audit - please contact us.

analysis & strategy

E-commerce tracking

Having a good structure for e-commerce tracking is fundamental for those who want to make decisions based on facts and statistics. With a good structure you also have the opportunity to improve and optimise your digital marketing for best results.


With Oddny, you get a ready-to-use structure for tracking, links and feeds to Facebook / Instagram and Google.